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Converted and Customized WFB models - wanted !

Customized, converted or scratch built model competition for Fantasy Battle Miniatures Gallery.

Custom Skaven Warlord picture
Hi folks, I'm planning to run a competition for the best WFB model conversions. Included will be any models, terrain or scenery that you have customized, converted in some way or even built from scratch that can be used in a friendly Warhammer Fantasy battle game.

The models don't have to be of uber-pro quality, lots of people will vote for fun, imaginative and inspiring pieces as much as they will for expert painted and constructed ones.

Your entry could be anything from a converted standard bearer or musician to a huge machinery of destruction such as your own super rat sized Doomwheel or even your very own Warhammer mountain !

We'll need some good quality pictures so we can show them off on the:- Fantasy Miniatures Gallery then we'll ask the Warhammer community to vote on a winner.

If you have seen any conversions online but they're not actually your work please submt the links and I will ask the owner of the blog / website / facebook page for their permission to enter their miniature / model into the competition.

Here's a form you can use to post links to the model photos. You can add other info there aswell if you please, eg. a profile for the miniature or it's Warhammer history or how you put it together.

The prize - bragging rights and a really good write up on the Fantasy Miniatures Gallery with links back to your blog / website / facebook page etc.

Please spread the word around the internet, the more entries the better.

The image above is BatPadre's Scabscar (Skaven Warlord on Bonebreaker) from our forum.
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