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Warhammer 8th Edition Battle Reports

Fantasy Battle Reports for Warhammer 8th edition rulebook.

I set up a new site some time ago for Bat Reps for the lastest Warhammer rulebook (ie 8th edition). Well, now I have it properly up and running (and it can be viewed in all internet browsers - which it couldn't before!) I thought I'd better let everyone know.

I'm trying to pick the best battle reports I can find and I expect to be adding a couple every week (including still videos (ie. slideshows with narration / audio commentary), real time videos, battle stories and of course the traditional maps and photo battle reps. There are 20 reports on the site right now.

Warhammer Fantasy Bat Reps picture

Here are the key features of the new-ish site:-

  • A running tally of the best Warhammer armies (% wins or draws)
  • A table to let you choose the armies involved in the battle.
  • An intro before each battle which gives you an idea why I added it to the site.
  • A widget to allow you to rate each report.
  • A list of the most popular reports.
  • A link to Battle Chronicler the excellent (and free !) Battle Reporting software.
  • Links back to all my other blogs and to 190+ 7th edition battle reports.
  • Loads of links to other Warhammer fan-sites in the blogroll
  • A list of the most popular battle reports
  • Stacks of adverts for eBay Warhammer Fantasy miniatures and terrain / scenery.

Last but not least Facebook and Google Follow widgets so you can follow the blog (if you have a Google account / gmail) and join the "Warhammer Battle Reporters" Facebook group where I post all my lastest Warhammer and blog news.

I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think by posting a comment here or on the bat rep site.

PS. there's a permanent link to the 8th edition and the 7th edition site at the top of this blog under the eBay adverts (you'll see the latest battle reports count for each site). Note: 7th ed site is still being added to.
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