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The Doom Seeker Warhammer fanzine - Issue 8

Warhammer Fantasy fanzine cover

Bilbo Baggins has gone and done it again - the Summer 2011 issue of the Doom Seeker is out.

With the magazine's motto... "The webzine for Warhammer players who believe the game should be played for fun"... you know you're not going to be bombarded with adverts to buy things with your hard earned blood soaked gold crowns (or your lowly gutter dredged skaven pennies ;-).

Nope, this is pure fun from fellow WFB enthusiasts (which you can also contribute to by contacting BilboBaggins (no less !) though his email on The Doom Seeker pdf or via the Battle Reporter forum).

You can find all the links to this issue and previous issues in the :-

Battle Reporter Doom Seeker forum thread here

In the current issue we have:-
  • another excellent interview with Mathias about the thinking behind the Nippon army book
  • some tips from Iron Lord on "how to" visit Warhammer World in Nottingham ! (with a few thousand bucks in readies I guess !)
  • a really interesting article from Bilbo about his take on some of the rules, what he likes and what he would have done differently
  • an article on resign models that told me a great deal that I didn't know
  • a couple of short stories (I particularly like this bit... "Glorious battle had been given here, in the name of Sigmar," !)
  • a "Bulk Painting" article by Chris "wolfy" West - it sounds like he knows what he's talking about (he runs a commission painting studio) although he uses a scary expression "bulk painting is actually easy to do". He sounds like quite a friendly engaging dude to me.
  • And, lastly we have some great inspirational and extremely amusing pics (some of which you can see below) showing off Anti-Santa's Slayers (including the Celts, The Doomseekers, The Dog Whisperer, the Pirates, a "slayer-armed" Slayer bolt thrower, a slayer girl (phwoar !), and even an ogre/dwarf slayer hybrid !
WFB Celtic Slayer pics

Slayer Command Group painted models images

Ogre Slayer model big miniature

Dwarf Slayer bolt thrower photo
Doom Seeker free pdf mag

All pics used with Bilbo's kind permission.
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