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Warhammer Forge Chaos Dwarf models

More expertly sculpted and very unique looking miniatures from Forgeworld - this time they turn their attention to the bad stunties !

Forgeworld Dwarf miniatures

Hot on the heals of the Mantic Games Chaos Dwarfs (or "Abyssal Dwarfs) come the somewhat more official Games Workshop-ish offerings from the Warhammer Forge - it's a Black Day for Chaos Dwarf generals ! - BTW, in this context, "black" means good :)

These fellas look very sturdy like their Bugmans XXXXX quaffing Imperial Dwarf cousins. They also have a very original feel to them, they're not quite like the very old Dwarf renegades, the old juggernaut or (brilliantly named) tenderiser (see the foot of this post if you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about) nor are they like the infamous tall top hatted dwarfs. Check out all the straight lines, consistent angles and their general robust and somewhat intimidating look (see those helmet/visor eye holes !) These superbly presented models are for gamers who enjoy the consistent "unit look" in their armies.

All the details, with pics, prices, some fluff and the all important supporting experimental rules (in pdf format) can be found here:-

And here are some pics (I really like the look of that solid Chaos Dwarf pistol).

Dwarves of Chaos Tank or Mobile Cannon

Dwarves of Chaos ranks and file pictures

Dwarves of Chaos pistol picture
These dark souls, otherwise known as Infernal Gaurd are carrying Fireglaives which are peculiar weapons which might resemble halberds but are actually repeating handguns with a long stock and large blade - ouch !  18inch range, strength 4 and armour piercing, they also confer +1 strength in close combat !
Dwarves of Chaos Miniatures pictures

Intriguiingly, there are some notes in the Warhammer Forge experimental rules which mention the Hailshot blunderbuss and Naptha bomb (which are unit options / unit leader options) and that the rules for these weapons will feature in the Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos book. I presume this is going to be a Chaos Dwarfv army book but I haven't really been following the army so I'm not sure.  Does anyone know what Warhammer Forge's plans are for their Dwarves of Chaos ?

Dwarves of Chaos Renegades picture

Dwarves of Chaos Juggernaut model picture

Dwarves of Chaos Tenderiser picture

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