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Warhammer Storm of Magic Expansion - 9th July 2011 release

Calling all Fantasy Battle fans... the Storm of Magic book could be a major Warhammer game changer and it's out on Saturday 9th July !

Storm of Magic Rules pdf pic
If the Storm of Magic rules turn out to be as good as the presentation and the miniatures and terrain & scenery that are being released with it then we could be in for a treat.

It looks like Games Workshop are putting everything into this launch, there's a lot of new "kit", miniatures (including Finecast, some large monsters and new spell casters) and everything so far looks to be top quality.

Whatever you think of Games Workshop (and I know there are been a few dissenting voices recently), you cannot question their commitment to the hobby and the speed at which they introduce great new Fantasy battle products.

I can't write much of a review right now other than to say that I've been very happy with what I've seen and read on their website and the look of the new miniatures and even more so the terrain such as the portal and skull throne. The inside of the rulebook looks promising from it's appearance at least and I really like the cover too. So far, so good. I'll write again once I've got my hands on a copy to let you know if GW have come up trumps or slayed my beloved game !

For the meantime, enjoy the pics below, there's loads more at the Games Workshop advance order page that you can get to through the home page ( - including sprue pics and miniature close ups and also some intro and chat on the GW "What's New Today" blog page.

BTW, in case you want a quick summary...

Storm of Magic places the emphasis firmly on monsters and devastating "cataclysm spells". We must hope and pray that the design team have retained a nice balance and kept the relevancy of your bog standard foot sloggers rather than going for over-the-top power mongers everywhere across the battlefield.

click to greatly enlarge pictures
Storm of Magic promotion advance orders

Hyppogryph and Hydra model rules pdf

Storm of Magic Spell book photo

Storm of Magic Terrain and Scenery pics

painted Dark Elf Black Dragon model photo

Storm of Magic promotion advance orders

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