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Great new Chaos Dwarf models by Warhammer Forge

Forgeworld... Games Workshop... Warhammer Forge - however they're related (who knows, do we care !?) their off-spring looks good :)

Check out these these new minis from the Warhammer Forge section of the Forgeworld website (which looks like it's just Games Workshop in disguise - with slightly more daring miniatures)

First off we have the stunties gone wrong (ie Chaos Dwarfs) This army is now looking well worth collecting for a number of good reasons:-
  • First and foremost they are something a bit less common and therefore have that mystique and show-off factor that can be quite appealing (or at least it is to me - see my Nauticans !)
  • Next up, they have a very well supported community and unofficial Chaos Dwarf pdf army book that is widely accepted to be balanced and is permitted in quite a few tournaments.
  • Importantly for many people, the army sports some excellent new miniatures from both Warhammer Forge and Mantic Games and you can still find the old Dwarves of Chaos minis on eBay too!
  • The army now has some truly unique war machines that give it a completely different feel to anything else out there in the Warhamer World.
  • People will be less used to playing against Chaos Dwarfs so, in theory (my theory), you should have a better chance of winning with them :)

Images from click to enlarge them.

Magma Cannon
Chaos Dwarf Magma Cannon - Warhammer Forge photo
Iron Demon towing the Magma CannonChaos Dwarf Magma Cannon and Iron Demon  - Warhammer Forgeworld photo

Death Shrieker Rocket
Chaos Dwarf Death Shrieker Rocket - Warhammer Forge photo
Chaos Dwarf Death Shrieker Rocket - Warhammer Forge photo
And, while I was visting the Forgeworld site I noticed some amazing new Empire-like / mercenary miniatures that I hadn't seen before (so maybe you haven't either)....

Check out the bell ringer for an interesting and original alternative to your usual musician. What with the standard bearer with the ship's tiller (or steering wheel if you like) and the ship's bell, these guys are clearly straight off an Empire galleon (or pirate / mercenary ship maybe ?) Either way, I love 'em :)

Empire / Mercenary / Pirate Command - Warhammer Forge photo
Empire / Mercenary / Pirate Musician Bell Ringer - Warhammer Forge photo
Empire / Mercenary / Pirate Captain - Warhammer Forge photo

The banner looks a bit scary though - definitely not my kind of mermaid !

Empire / Mercenary / Pirate Standard Bearer - Warhammer Forge photo

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