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Tactics Master - Warhammer Allies Competition

The Battle Reporter Master Tactician #6 Competition - "A Grand Alliance" is open for entries.

It's a Christmas Special (for extra festive Hammering !)

I've tried to create an character design / army unit selection competition that everyone can enjoy irrespective of how much time you can spare. You can put in an entry which just meets the basic requirements or go all the way and post a full 2,000pt competition winning alliance army list.

The Rules (click links to open the competition threads)....

Part I - Commanders of the Alliance

Choose two different Warhammer Armies and name one as your main force and one as the allies (don't select any of the army units, just name the 2 army books they would come from).

Customize or choose a Special Character (using the normal rules) to represent :-
  • a Lord or Hero Level Character (up to 300pts) to lead a 1,200pt main force
  • a Hero Level Character (up to 200pts) to lead a 800pts allied force
Explain why your alliance would be unbeatable* !

Dwarf Allied General miniature
* you could talk about the special army traits that make your combination of allies so effective, the army's deployment, how your characters would support your units, your tactics, use of magic items and spells or any other reason you can think of.

** Feel free to add any fluff to accompany your characters, people look kindly on this extra effort and you're likely to win more votes.

You will be judged on your arguments in favour of your army.

Use the forum thread to debate the armies and to attempt to elevate yours above all others !

If you entered part I then you can enter Part II below:-

Part II - Armies of the Alliance

This competition extends Part I (in a new forum thread)

Select all of the units for a 1,200pt main army (which must include the Lord level character you selected in Part I) and a different 800pt allied army (which must include the Hero level character you selected in Part I).

Note: all normal army selection and Allied Army rules apply (see pages 136-139).

Please do NOT post individual pts costs of units (it upsets GW). Just post a list of units/characters and a total points value for Characters (Lord + Hero level), Core, Special and Rare.

Dwarfs get Eagle units to help

Steadfast Dwarf regiment

The Prizes (a Christmas and New Year give-away !) :-

- mainly respect from our Facebook and forum members plus some forum reputation (rep pts).

Competition 1 - Commanders of the Alliance
  • Winner +10 rep
  • 2nd +7 rep
  • 3rd +4 rep
  • All entries get +1 rep
Competition 2 - Armies of the Alliance 
  • Winner +10 rep
  • 2nd +7 rep
  • 3rd +4 rep
  • All entries get +2 rep (extra rep because it requires more effort)

By entering both competitions you will receive at least +3 rep.

Entry Deadline & Voting :- There are no deadlines right now, we're going to see how things go and how many entries we get. I guess you can expect the competition to remain open for entries for at least 3 weeks. We will start voting when we have enough entries for a decent match. Debate can continue during the voting so people will be able to change their vote if someone can persuade them with the strength of their argument.

You can bookmark the Rules Summary in the Battle Reporter forum here.

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