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Warhammer Fantasy Tactica Contest

We now have 6 entries into our Warhammer Battle Character & Army Selection competition and there's still time for you to join in the fun.

Warhammer Fantasy Allies Rules
Deadline extended:- Sunday 15th January 2012

The competition has two parts, a quick entry one (where you enter two characters) and a full army selection where you list all of the other units in addition to the 2 characters you chose in part I.

It's all completely free and there are no catches - we just want more forum members for more hammering fun !

There's lots of forum reputation on offer for the top rated armies (we all get to vote for our favourites) and you'll receive the adoration (maybe) and respect (much more likely) of your fellow forum members.

So far we have a great mix of characters and their associated armies in some suitably Warhammer Fantasy-like alliances  :-
  • Thorsten Carbide leading an army of Dwarfs with Luthor Huss leading the Empire allies.
  • Zec'Lot the Lizardmen Lord accompanied by the High Elf Ensekeos and his allied force.
  • The Dark Elf Lord Malus Coldheart in a fragile alliance with Sir Joseph Blackbeard's cannons.
  • Infamous Golgfag Maneater in a suspicious alliance with an Empire Sigmartie Warrior Priest.
  • General Max Paiment (a Dogs of War commander) allied with Gak Marrowslurp an Ogre Butcher.
  • Beautiful Camilla (Empire Engineer) and Magnar Copperglove the health & safety Dwarf inspector !
Also, I will be entering either a Dwarfs + Wood Elves alliance or a Warriors of Chaos + Goblins one.

Here's the original post with all the rules and links :-

WFB Tactics - Character & Army Selection Competition

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