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Empire Knightly Orders Expansion PDF Review and links

An Empire Army book PDF expansion (unofficial) for  Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

The Empire Knightly Orders Army Book PDF
If you like the thought of charging highly disciplined (generally!), loyal (mostly!) Knights across the field of battle but are turned off by the Fleur de Lis and fancy raiment of a Bretonnian host then maybe something less Gallic and a lot more Teutonic may fulfill your needs for honour and glory.

This expansion is unofficial and not endorsed by Games Workshop!

Mathias brings us another of his awesome works (they now number 18 armies / expansions, with more in the pipeline! It's an amazing feat really, especially given the high production quality and balance of the armies and other Warhammer supplements).

Empire Knightly Order forum and download links
(PDF is 40 pages long and about 27meg)

21 Armies and WFB Supplements on the Battle Reporter forum.

Empire Knightly Orders Army

So you thought that the Brets and even the "bog standard" Empire army had their fair share of knights, errr.... think again ! The Knightly Orders consist of over 20 orders (mostly but not all mounted). Lots of players will be familiar with some of the orders which feature in the Empire book, some will have heard of other orders which have been covered by or mentioned in past Games Workshop literature.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Knights
Mathias has created a Warhammer expansion for the Empire Army by compiling all of these orders in one place and produced a wonderfully engaging read, a shaky "alliance" of Knights with some supporting foot troops - you know, those common folk best avoided ;-).

It's easy to imagine this lot getting into a fierce banquet debate (with a deadly jousting event the next day to settle scores and see which order the gods really support :-)

There is a big nod in the direction of the deified Sigmar (hurray !), with the Hunters of Sigmar, Knights of the Twin-Tailed Orb, Knights of Sigmar's Blood and Knights of the Hammers of Sigmar.

Knightly Orders Artwork

The book also contains many Knights that I hadn't heard of before or had long since forgotten about. Some ring a distant bell so I assume they featured in earlier edition army books or supplements. All of them come with intriguing names :-
  • Knights of the Ever Lasting Light - immune to fear and terror with 5+ ward but also cursed !
  • Knights of the Raven - hate undead, immune to fear and terror - very handy VC and TKs
  • Knights of the Verdant Field - forest striders, skirmishers, scouts with long bows
  • Knights of the Broken Sword - with questionable discipline
  • Knights of the Sacred Scythe - killing blow vs Vampires but untrusted by own army
  • Knights Encarmine - parry or two hand weapons but disorderly with no rank bonuses
  • Knights of the Fiery Heart - Hate goblins
  • Knights of the Black Rose - stubborn if joined by general but distrusted by nearby "friends"
  • Knights of the Black Lynx - full plate, halberd foot troops 
I reckon that list alone should be sufficient to whet your appetite. So what are you waiting for ? Enjoy.

Knights of the Blazing Sun

Fantasy Battle Unofficial Army Book forum
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