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Warhammer Battle Recorder website

A NEW (unofficial) Warhammer website for assessing your battle performance and that of all the Fantasy Battle Armies

Hi folks, I have been beavering away on a WFB project in recent weeks to try to boost membership of the Battle Reporter forum and to learn some new programming skills.

I have come up with a website that's just about ready for testing although I have quite a few other features I'd like to add before it goes live (see "To be added" footnote).

Note: this is a Battle Reporter Forum members only site - so please join us*

* the whole point of the project is to boost membership before the forum dies. Membership, like 99% of all forums, is completely free and there are no catches whatsoever - we just want a few more people in our dwindling community that we have spent 5 years trying to grow!  PS. The forum is a really friendly place to be, we don't suffer people who want to pick a fight or wind other members up. If you're one of those people then please DON'T read on.

If you would like to help test the website (by adding "pretend" battles) then please join the forum and post in the forum link below and I will send you a forum message with your password and username (which will be the same as your forum member name):-

I want to help test Sigmar's Battle Recording Website.

So far, the website will...
  • Add Battle - record friendly and tournament battles of any size for all armies and collect various "battle data" and analyze the performance by Army vs Army (wins, draws, losses) and user.

I have added a few pages for various reports which include:-
  • Armies Vs - How each army performs against each other army, detailed by individual armies and summarized in an Army vs Army matrix.
  • Reckoning (War Stats) - including the most effective Unit Types (eg. Rare), Troop Types (eg. Monsters) and Phase (eg. Combat), most frequent opponents, wins against and losses to each army. How lucky the player thought he was and how much fun they had :-)
  • Hammerers - The top 50 players (by win%) overall and for each army.
  • Legends - The top 3 ranked players per army by total battles won (irrespective of win%).
  • Myths - ie. players who have reported a 100% overall win record (these players are excluded from the above reports; anybody who hasn't lost at least once hasn't been in a real battle !)

Here are the relevant screen shots (note: I submitted random battles so you can ignore the numbers)...

Sigmar's WFB Recorder - Add Battle page

Sigmar's WFB Recorder - Add Battle page

Sigmar's WFB Recorder - ArmiesVs page

Sigmar's WFB Recorder - All Armies Matrix page

Sigmar's WFB Recorder - Reckoning (War Stats) page

Sigmar's WFB Recorder - Hammerers page

Sigmar's WFB Recorder - Legends page

Sigmar's WFB Recorder - Myths  page

To be added:-
  • Your summary Battle Notes for everyone to view and rate and for your records *
  • A link to your Battle Report on the Battle Reporter forum **
  • Ranked Profile Stats so you can compare your performance with your mates
  • A fully searchable list of battles
  • Polls eg. most wanted, collected, painted, loved, loathed and feared armies
  • Private Leagues so you can create a league for your club and buddies
  • Separate reporting for tournaments / friendly and by Battle Pts Value
* this is already in place but switched off until I work out a way to catch swear words so i know who to bash with Sigmar's Hammer :-)
** this is also complete (I think!) pending my own testing.
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