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Warhammer Battle Reports 7th / 8thNauticans / Design Fantasy Gallery

Warhammer Fantasy Batrep Database - with over 1,000 Batreps

Looking for good Fantasy Battle Reports ?

LillLegend Studio
Look no further. See the best rated battles on (save it to your favourites). There are over 1,000 links to written and YouTube batreps (click "R" to view a written Batrep or "V" to watch a YouTube video).

If you join WFBattles you can rate the reports which enables you to keep a track of which ones you've already read or watched.

By joining you'll be helping us to create a community database of player opinions, battles and army stats.

What you can do on

You can keep a track of your own battles and download the details whenever you want, create a league for your gaming friends, see yourself ranked against your other players, get your batreps rated, rate other gamer's batreps to earn prestige or even join our 5 forces campaign.

It's FREE, I developed it for fun - not money.

For existing members....

I've added a new button to the Battles page:-

 "see best battles you haven't rated yet" (see pic below).

This sorts the Battles table by highest rated battle to lowest rated and shows only those battles you have not seen before (ie. you haven't awarded it a star rating). You can see all battles again by clicking the same button or reloading the page or clicking the "Reset Filters" button".

Here's what it looks like (before the button is clicked).... notice the Green Ticks (which show you've already rated a batrep).

find the best WFB Battles

After it's clicked...notice that the green ticks are gone (ie. those batreps you've already rated) and that the battles are sorted in best to worst batrep order ("Avg" column)

After you've clicked the button you'll see the next best batreps that you have not rated yet.

good Warhammer batreps

please click this "+" icon to rate a battle from 1 to 10 stars, like so...

good Warhammer fantasy army battles

I've also added a "Best Rated" link to every page beneath the banner to encourage members to check out the best batreps and rate them.

best Warhammer batreps

If you enjoy reading or watching a battle please be kind enough to rate it on the Battles page and also leave a comment on the forum or YouTube channel where you saw the report.

Image of Araloth mini used with the kind permission of Myles David of LiLLegend Studio fame
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