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Warhammer Stop Motion Videos (40k, Fantasy Battle and a few other "related")

I found a few more amusing Warhammer related stop motion videos tonight on YoutTube. I have posted them in the old thread below:-

funny gaming related (sometimes losely !) stop motion videos

Warhammer 25th Birthday Celebration (Games Workshop) - Special Army Sets (Advance Order details)

Here's confirmation of the Special Edition Games Workshop sets that have just been announced.

12th April Special Edition releases:-

Dwarfs £85 (save £11)

(1 Master Engineer, 20 Ironbreakers (including full command), 16 Thunderers, 1 Cannon/Organ Gun and a Gyrocopter)

Empire £90 (save £8)

Luthor Huss mounted, 30 Flagellants, 20 Free Company/Militia, 5 Outriders, 1 Helblaster Volley Gun and 1 Cannon.

High Elves £130 (save £11)

1 Lord on Dragon, 1 White Lion Chariot, 20 Phoenix Guard (with full command) & 20 White Lions (with full command).

Orcs and Goblins £110 (save £10)

an Orc Warboss, a Black Orc Big Boss, 20 Black Orcs (including full command), 5 Orc Boarboyz (including full command), 1 Giant and 1 Chariot.

Wood Elves £115 (save £15)

Wood Elf Hero on Stag, 10 Wild Riders (including full command), 5 Treekin and 1 Giant Eagle.

Skaven £160 (save £14)

1 Grey Seer, 40 Clanrats (including full command), 40 Plague Monks (including full command), 10 Poison Wind Globardiers, 10 Plague Censer Bearers, 1 Ratling Gun, 2 Rat Ogres, 3 Skaven Pack Masters and 6 Giant Rats.

Image is © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

New Vampire Counts Army 2008 Spearhead Review - First Impressions

The Vampire Counts Army is hard to kill !

I acquired the Vampire Counts rules yesterday and these are my very initial opinions on what I have read so far.

The Vampire Army wide Special Rules.

  • Immune to psychology

  • Cause Fear

  • Unbreakable but suffer extra wounds for lost combats

  • Cannot march move except if within 12" of general or 6" of a vampire

  • Will lose 1 less wound if defeated in combat or general dies if within 12" of Battle Standard

  • Will beging to crumble to dust (or pulp and mush for Zombies) if the general dies (or rather is sent back to the realms of the dead !)

The general make up of the army

The Vampire army is well balanced with a variety of toughnesses, strengths, movement rates and attacks.

The individual units benefit from several special rules and attributes.

There are a very wide range of options allowable for Vampire characters which can use any mix of Vampire powers (there are 18) and magical items (there are 40 including banners and arcane items). Multiple vampires can have the same mix of Vampire powers (Lord level Vampires can have up to 100 pts magic items + (yes plus !) 100 pts vampire powers.

Important tactical considerations

  • With the exception of dire wolves, flying creatures and cavalry, this army is slow moving.

  • There are a lot more tactical and army selection options available than many of the other Warhammer Armies.

  • Characters can be made very combat or magic oriented and are the key to your success.

  • Given the range of customisation available you can suprise your enemy. No 2 battles need be the same.

  • The general must be kept alive, just like the Tomb Kings Hierophant.

  • The Vampire army can easily bolster units with new rank and file. A unit does not become worthless until it really has been wiped from the battlefield.

Overall First Impressions

This is definitely one of the harder armies to beat in the Warhammer World.

It is very strong in magic and very well rounded bringing a wealth of tactical options.

The army is quite reliant on key characters, especially the general and you will porbably rarely see this army fielded without a battle standard.

My current opinion is that the best armies equipped to deal with Vampires are high rank and file armies (like Skaven or possibly even Orcs and Goblins) or possibly more maneuverable knight based armies and other fast movers.

Enemies will need to bring the fight to the Vampires (if they don't bring it to you first !), I do not think you will defeat a Vampire army solely with ranged weapons, because units can be rejuvenated quite easily.

Vampire opponents will need some means of countering Vampiric spells - dispel scrolls and high numbers of dispel dice are the order of the day for anyone serious about trying to beat a Vampire army. It will be interesting to see how Vampires cope with High Elf armies strong in magic.

That's it for now. More from me very soon.

White Dwarf March 2008 Vampires vs Empire Battle Report Review

I finished reading the White Dwarf battle report last night and it makes for a very engrossing and highly entertaining read.

I won't spoil it for you here by telling you exactly what happened, or the final ending, but you might be interested to know that the result was not what most people probably expected.

There were some revealing moments as far as I'm concerned.

One was the longevity and resilience of the Varghulf, although they did say he got a few lucky rolls (but who's to say that a Varghulf isn't just unnaturally lucky ?!)

Also, the power of Vampiric magic when it comes to raising the rotting corpses of the dead. There was plenty of dispelling going on by the Empire player but the Vampire forces seem embued with plenty of magical power and the ability to recast multiple times (I'll let you know the exact magical rules in a few days - once I have the Army book)

Anyway, in a nutshell, I highly recommend the March edition of White Dwarf - just for the battle report and Vampire Count's eye candy.

New Vampire Counts Army 2008 Spearhead Review - Intro

Today I will acquire the new Vampire Counts Spearhead and will be writing some reviews of the content.

I will cover all aspects of the new boxed set including the sprues, modelling options, that is, the model variations that can be produced and I will include some close up pictures of the models themselves.

The army book itself will get a summary review to begin with. This will focus on army wide rules, an overview of unit strengths and weaknesses and a look at Vampiric magic and special character abilities.

This review will primarily be for those who have never used Vampire Counts before and are wandering whether they should pounce and get their fangs wet for the first time.

I do not have the previous version of the Vampire Counts rules so this will not be a direct comparison and rules update. From my perspective it will be a fresh look at a race I am new to in comparison with the other Warhammer Fantasy races (I own all of the other books).

Following my review I will be carrying out a unit by unit and character / magic items analysis in a similar way to previous posts on other armies.

If you're interested in exactly how good the new Vampires are and don't feel like trawling through dozens of forum threads then watch this space over the next few days.

It's time to clear all the garlic out of the kitchen :)

Who in the World plays Warhammer Fantasy Battle ?

Have you ever wondered who else in the World is into Warhammer Fantasy Battle ?

I have, so I thought I'd find out who was visiting this blogsite.

On the right are all the countries which I received 50 or more visits from (click the image to enlarge in a new window). I think we all expect to see the top 4 or 5 but what about...

Japan, South Africa, Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia !

People visited from 77 countries altogether. I hope they all enjoyed their visit.

Here are the other visitors which didn't make it into the list (in descending order):-
Austria, Portugal, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Croatia, Mexico, Argentina, Serbia and Montenegro, Brazil, South Korea, Iceland, Estonia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Turkey, Slovenia, Peru, Luxembourg, Israel, Philippines, Lithuania, Slovakia, Malta, Chile, Romania, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands, Indonesia, Latvia, Colombia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Dominica, Bolivia, Monaco, Puerto Rico, Antigua and Barbuda, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gibraltar, Dominican Republic, Netherlands Antilles, Fiji, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Cyprus, Namibia, United Arab Emirates

One wierd thing to report.... only 1 visit from India and none from China !!! (don't those 2 countries must make up about 50% of the World population !?)

Could this be an opportunity for Games Workshop ?

PS. I wonder if the single visit from Kazakhstan was from Borat ? :)

Lords and Heroes (Dark Elves Warhammer Army Characters)

Dark Elves have the usual nobles and highborns common to all Elven Armies and in addition they can field the Beastmaster and Dark Elf Assassin.

These two characters provide a broader range of tactical options for the Dark Elf General and give you a bit more to think about when choosing leaders for your army. This is especially the case in games (such as most tournaments) which do not permit the use of special characters. In these games you have a small edge of some other forces which only have standard Lord and Hero choices.

Dark Elf Beastmaster

This hero level character has one unique benefit - a powerful monstrous mount. Larger monstrous mounts are usually only available to Lord level or special characters.

The Beastmaster is also adept at 'handling' monsters and profers one excellent benefit and one lesser one. Firstly, any monster within 12" needing to take a monster reaction test can re-roll the dice once. Even better than this, if a Beastmaster is slain any monstrous mount he was riding will fight on as normal with no requirement to take a monster reation test - excellent !

Because of the lack of high toughness and strength options in the Dark Elf army this makes a Beastmaster an almost essential low cost way to introduce a bit more muscle into your army in the shape of a Manticore.

The Manticore is a good fighter with 4 attacks at weapon skill 5 and a strength and toughness of 5. With 4 wounds and the ability to fly and cause terror you can be reasonably confident that this monster will be dishing out some woe upon your enemy.

Images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

The Manticore is best used for direct assaults against war machine crew, special expensive (non-rank and file units) and any lone characters silly enough to be walking around the battlefield on their own.

Do not dither with this monster, choose a target (not in range of too much enemy missile fire) and go for it straight away. The Manticore is impervious to good archers or gunpowder weapons (it doesn't have a high enough toughness or wounds and neither does it's Beastmaster rider). Don't make the mistake of using this monster like a Treeman for instance. Treemen can safely walk around the battlefield all game against armies well equipped with missile troops.

There is some useful low points cost magic armour you can use (Beastmasters can take up to 25 pts of magic items). We will go through some of the more useful magic item options in a later post. Even if you do take some magic armour remember that it will only protect your rider and not the beast itself which will be soaking up most of the missile fire anyway.

Dark Elf Assassin.

The assassin brings something a little different to the Dark Elf Army that not many others share.

Until the assassin reveals himself he (or probably she, given how ruthless and aggressive Dark Elf "maidens" are) is also immune to enemy missile fire. Even ranged weapons which can usually target individuals (like the Empire's Hochland long rifle) cannot be used against assassins while they remain hidden.

Assassins always strike first. Even against enemies with the same strike first rule there is little chance of stopping that 1st attack because the assassin has a whopping initiative of 10 !

The assassin can therefore be moved secretly and effectively to engage enemy characters or even monsters and there's not a lot the enemy can do to stop an assassin from pouncing.

An assassin can use unique poisoned weapons and the artifacts and skills of Khaine the Blood God (a very nasty piece of work I expect). The assassin can also take magical items (with the exception of armour). No more than 50pts can be spent on all of the above combined (which, I guess is just aswell from the enemy's perspective !)

Something I should mention before I forget is that you should always give the assassin an additional hand weapon*. They cannot take any other type of weapon (eg a halberd) anyway so you are paying a measly 4 points for a whole extra attack - how's that for value for money ?

* note don't take an additional hand weapon if you're planning to use a magice weapon because no other weapons can be used in unison with a magic one.

The Assassins's choice of Magical Items and items from the...

Temple of Khaine

Assassins can combine poisons and skills/artifacts to their heart's content so long as they stay within their points allowance. So, unlike magic items 2 or more assassins in the same army can share the same poisons, skills and artifacts. This makes finding the best combinations even more important.

Note that (sadly) poisons cannot be combined with magic weapons. I guess the powerful magic interferes with the poison's properties (?)

There are very few magical items within the assassin's 50 points allowance that are worth taking. There are conversely plenty of things worth taking from the Temple of Khaine.

The most important items in the Temple of Khaine are the poisons so it more or less rules out the use of a magical weapons although there is one worth taking....

The Chill Blade with the Rune of Khaine and here's why...

Any unsaved wounds from the chill blade will result in the enemy not being able to strike back (remember, assassins always strike first on the round they reveal themselves) and usually strike first anyway. The rune of Khaine will simply provide an additional attack (meaning 4 attacks in total *) of those made with the additional hand weapon - not the magic blade). These 4 attacks should result in an unsaved wound against (about a 90% chance) against a model with toughness 4, heavy armour and shield but no ward save. An unsaved wound will prevent that model from striking back (if it lived !)

The other excellent combination of items from the Temple of Khaine is the Rune of Khaine with Manbane poison coated weapons.

Manbane is a great poison and gives the assassin a Dwarf Slayer like skill. It means he adjusts his strength up to a maximum of 6 so that he only ever needs 3's to wound a tougher opponent. The opponent's saving throw is reduced by the 'pretend' strength of the assassin (again, up to a maximum of strength 6)

The above combo (with an extra hand weapon) will give you 5 attacks, you can expect almost 2 of these to result in actual unsaved wounds against a toughness 4 opponent with say heavy armour and shield.

That would be fine against rank and file units, taking out the 1 or 2 other models in base contact is all you need to do. The problem is the assassin's weak resilience against models with higher wounds who will take any punishment you dish out before dispatching you with their own version of the "good news" (good news for the opponent but not so good for your assassin)

The Main Drawbacks of using assassins

Because of their low toughness you need a delivery unit to get your assasssin safely 'on target'

Hired expert murderers don't come cheap !! (179pts if you take all your Temple pts and an additional hand weapon). That's a lot of points for a model with only 2 wounds.

Personally, I like assassins just for friendly games. I would use them (or talk about them lovingly so my enemy thought I was using them) just to get my opponent twitching and checking over his shoulder.

Images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

White Dwarf March 2008 (WD339) Review

What a fantastic White Dwarf this month's edition is for Warhammer Fantasy Battle lovers. I can whole heartedly recommend this issue.

Delivering the good news....

Image is © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

A long Vampire Counts Feature (here goes):-
  • a great 2-page dioramic colour spread of all the available models (facing a couple of, I suspect, rather nervous Empire units)

  • The Undying Lords (design notes) - a long 12 page interview with the author of the new Vampire Counts Army (including an example 1000 pt starter army)

  • a 2 pages colour spread 2000pt army selection with (again) a great dioramic photo of the Vampire Counts Army

  • 2 pages on painting, shields banners & colour choices.

  • a 22 Page (!!!) 3000pt Battle Report (Vampires vs Empire)

  • a 4 page Vampyre Counts sketch booke

Here's a brief preview (covering just the other Fantasy Battle stuff):-

8 pages of Vampire close up New Releases pictures (including the box covers)
(they're looking awesome especially the Corpse Cart and the Blood Knights)

Black Library advert for new Warhammer Fantasy Book "Ancient Blood"
(looks like Vampires in the Empire to me !)

1 page Daemons of Chaos notification of a May release
(including pictures of Daemonettes, a "foul" Beast of Nurgle and the new plastic Bloodletters - looking very demon like with horns and very long flaming swords)

Frightener : If you don't want to end up buying a new Vampire Counts army then you'd best not buy this White Dwarf !
Me, I'm lapping it up like a Varghulf puppy :)

Sticky: The best Warhammer eBay auctions (active now)

eBay sales for all Warhammer Armies
(1 page showing eBay sales for all races)

Register with eBay to save a LOT of money on miniatures

Also, check these out:-

(1) the best eBay auctions

(2) WHFB

(3) WHFB

(shown below on this page)

The auctions are all current and hosted securely by eBay

New Dark Elves Army 2008 - Rumours

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these rumours but, if true, it looks like Dark Elves are, at last, getting that much needed overhaul.

  • Army Wide Special Rules: +1 Attack on the charge and Hatred.
  • Black Guard - Now a Special Unit and have a stat increases similar to Swordmasters.
  • Executioners - lose Killing Blow and gain a "armour piercing" saving throw modifier (-3) against Armoured foes.
  • Witch elves - ASF ability + poison.
  • Dark Magic Lore - New spell in the Dark Lore similar to the frenzy spell in the skaven book
  • Magic Items (many changes expected - and needed !)
  • Cold Ones gain +1 attack and might not to be subject to stupidity.
  • Dark Riders - cheaper in points cost
  • A new monster as a rare choice.
  • Repeater Bolt Thrower - 2 can be taken as a cingle choice.
  • Chariots - can no longer take 2 as a special choice.
  • Harpies are cheaper.
  • Sorceresses can suffer a wound or kill an adjacent model to gain an extra power dice.

And here's a very nice bit of news for the Dark Elf Commanders out there...

Repeating Crossbows are St4 and 2x shots if they stand still and if they move it shoots like a normal bow.

(info mainly from rumours on Warseer and Librarium-Online)

Corsairs, Dark Riders and Dark Elf Warriors (Warhammer Dark Elves Core Units)

You have to take 2 core units in any Warhammer game you play up to 2000 pts.

Your choice will more or less be decided for you by your other unit selections. If you are running out of points just take Dark Elf Warriors to act as a missile screen.

If you are facing an enemy strong in missile fire units such as Wood Elves, High Elves or The Empire then you might like to take Corsairs which benefit from the Sea Dragon cloak and light armour (4+ save against missile fire). They are quite cheap at 10 pts and get 2 attacks thanks to their additional hand weapon.

Dark Riders are a must if you have no Cold One Riders or chariots. Use them to weed out Skirmishers and to outflank and take on enemy war machines. You will need them to march block your enemy and encourage them to break formation by charging you. Do not engage rank and file enemies with Dark Riders, flee, rally and reform for an immediate move instead.

Image is © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Dark Elves Shades, Witch Elves, Harpies< Executioners and Cold One Units Rules and Tactics (Warhammer Dark Elf Tactica / Tactics)

There are 6 Dark Elves Warhammer Army special units to choose from and the present a wide array of tactical options:-

Witch Elves of Khaine
Cold One Chariot
Cold One knights

Which units to choose is another tough decision for the Dark Elf army but this time it's more dictated by your enemy's weakness rather than trying to counter your enemy's strengths as with your rare unit selection.

I say this because the 3 special units will make up a significant portion of your whole army. You need to make a selection that can win you the battle and form the basis for your core tactics.

An overview of the unit's capabilities and tactical advantages are as follows:-

Dark Elf Shades

This is your scout / skirmisher option. This unit has a 360 degree fire arc and can be deployed in close proximity to the enemy with repeater crossbows.

This unit lets you harry enemy lines (especially flanks) making sure your enemy cannot concentrate all their focus on your core fighting units.

They are good for threatening enemy war machine crew, tieing up the enemy and slowing their advance.

Witch Elves

Essential in a defensive army that uses the Cauldron of blood (that cannot move). The Witch Elves will benefit from permanent frenzy when within 24 inches of the Cauldron and should be used behind your forward most units to protect your army's core. They are immune to psychology while frenzied so are an effective counter against fear and terror causing enemies such as Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts.

Two Poisoned attacks (three if frenzied !) with a weapon skill of 5 means they are even quite good value for points (11 pts) against higher toughness offensive enemies with low armour saves such as Beasts of Chaos or Lizardmen or more specifically Dwarf Slayers.

Note however that they are breakable (a common mistake made by new players who assume that immunity to psychology mean that the unit will never run).

Witch Elves are relatively cheap and very vulnerable to missile fire because they have no save so deploy them in large units over 20 models in strength and shield them from the opening volleys of the game.

Also remember that these 'ladies' cannot be joined by a character except an assassin. So, if you don't have an assassin in the unit they should be placed within your general's field of influence (ie 12 inches).

Note: if you include Morathi, the Hag Sorceress in your army and you have a general (ie a game greater than 2000 pts) then you cannot use your general's leadership for any Witch Elf leadership tests.


This is your flying unit and the Dark Elves Army is lucky in this respect. Games Workshop obviously noticed the potential of these creatures and limited them to a maximum of 1 unit.

Harpies are not particularly strong fighters despite their 2 attacks, but they don't have to be. They have the most important attribute a flyer can have... a low points cost of 13 pts (very low for a flyer)

This unit just needs to be good enough to tie up the more deadly war machine crews. If they can beat them then great, they can move onto the next crew.

Harpies are vulnerable with a toughness of 3 and no armour save - I guess it might be a problem during take off if they were wearing full platemail :)

Even if your enemy does not have artillery, Harpies can be very useful for march blocking enemy cavalry. That is, land the harpies within 8 inches of the enemy unit to stop them march moving and then make a flee reaction with the harpies if the enemy charges them. This is a dramatic (and occassionally disastrous tactic if not used carefully) to slow down multiple cavalry units and prevent them from charging your lines in unison. It will provide your defending units receiving the charge an opportunity to 'counter charge' with spare unengaged units.

Harpies are also useful for engaging enemy scouts especially effective elites like Wood Elf Waywatchers (just be careful you don't get shot to bits first !)

Because of their low toughness, lack of armour and and their low leadership of 8 they need to be deployed in some numbers (5 is not enough for most enemies, unless you simply want to use them for march blocking and nothing else against, say a Bretonnian army)


Your army should probably include a unit of executioners if you are not taking the Cauldron of Blood and will not be taking Witch Elves. The reason I say this is because it is one of the few units that can deliver high strength hits (str 5 due to great weapons).

Cold One riders also have high strength hits on the charge as does the Cold One Chariot. There are reasons why these might not be viable units in your army (see below)

Executioners need to charge into combat against high strength foes because of their low toughness and armour save. Also, this unit needs to be large and supplemented with at least one magically endowed character.

The good news is that Executioners are relatively cheap at 11pts so a unit of 30 would be feasible and difficult for the enemy to whittle down once in combat.

If you chosoe this option it's imperative this unit is shielded from missile fire and kept out of line of sight from artillery where ever possible.

Another bonus of using these troops is that they have the killing blow special ability. This should frighten your enemy somewhat and, if he's smart, he will keep his characters away from your executioners. With a frontage of 10 you should inflict at least 1 killing blow per roundof combat against similar pts cost enemy troops..

Cold One Riders

I'm sorry to say that these are expensive in point value. I think you're paying extra for the toughness of the Cold Ones which, of course, you don't benefit from. They are also quite costly when compared to other Warhammer race's cavalry. Take Dragon Princes of Caledor for example. Cold One Riders are about the same points cost as Dragon Princes but have only 1 attack as opposed to the 2 attacks that the princes get.

The Cold One does have a strength of 4 compared to the Elven Steed's strength of 3 but that will not make a huge difference.

The real reason for the high price of the Cold One Riders is their fear inducing quality. Fear is indeed a great attribute on the battlefield but remember, for it to be truly effective you need to outnumber your opponent. Rank and file enemies will usually take units of 20 which means you need at least 10 Cold Ones to be sure of enforcing those all important fear failure reactions. If you do choose to field this size unit then don't bother with the Dread Knight, he's very expensive at +18 points for just 1 extra attack (47 pts against a very similar Dragon Prince for 30 pts). Instead of a Dread Knight give your Cold Ones Unit a hero leader and equip with magic items and a magic standard (more about these in a future post).

You cannot afford to take this unit as a 'nice to have tactical option.' If you take them, invest heavily and make sure you beef them up as much as possible.

I would not take this unit at all against a Bretonnian Army (which ignore barding and have a move of 8) or a High Elf or Wood Elf army with those extremely quick Elven steads which are faster than your Cold Ones. For this unit to be worth using it must charge first and outnumber it's enemy.

With the exception of the above armies I wouldn't blame you for taking these guys into battle against anyone else because they're great models and stand a good chance of frightening your opponent, especially if he has a lot of low leadership units !

Cold One Chariots

I forsee some more chariot debate coming on. Opinion is very divided on the use of chariots. Most people favour their use, on the negative side I have seen a chariot destroyed by 2 volleys of crossbow fire. Also, they need to be kept well away from high strength attacks which can lay them to waste in a single blow (irrespective of remaining wounds).

Remember, when your chariot is destroyed you remove the whole model, despite having paid for the crew and whatever equipment they have.

On the plus side, chariots can easily rout an enemy on their initial charge. With an average of 4 strength 5 attacks (if you have scythed wheels) you should kill 4 toughness 3 enemies or almost 3 toughness 4 enemies. Double this for 2 chariots working in tandem and add in the charging crew and beast attacks and the enemy will have one heck of a fight on their hands to make up the combat resolution. Your chariots could feasibly wipe out the whole enemy front rank in 1 turn and maybe some models in rear ranks thereby preventing them from fighting back on the turn you charge at all.

Even High Elves who always strike first cannot do anything about the chariot charge. Chariot impact hits come before any combat so ignore the always strikes first rule (the crew and beasts would strike after the High Elves though).

Now, focusing onthe Dark Elf Cold One Chariot...

This special selection choice has one key and very important benefit. It allows you to take 2 chariots (as separate units) but only uses up one special choice.

This is extremely important ! Being one of your most effective higher strength attack units you need to include Cold One Chariots in any army where you expect to be able to charge first.

You could infact take 6 chariots as 3 special choices. Under certain conditions this would be a good idea but you're unlikely to know precisely what your enemy will be deploying or the nature and position of Battlefield terrain.

Terrain is the real thorn in the side of the chariot user. Wooded areas are really bad news if the enemy has a lot of missile troops. Your chariots cannot enter the wood and the enemy will be firing at you with impunity from a nicely protectected soft cover position.

Other terrain features can also seriously disrupt the plans you have made for your chariot(s). They cannot move over difficult ground for starters. Buildings are a serious issue. Under usual conditions a unit of up to 30 can enter a suitably sized building. An enemy unit can attempt an assault on the building but does not receive any charge bonuses or combat resolution bonuses. I think it would be fair to say that there's no way a chariot could benefit from it's impact hits and the beasts would not be able to fight at all. A kindly Games Master or opponent may allow the crew to dismount and assault the building but this really contravenes the rule of rhe chariot and crew constituting a single unit. Therefore, chariots should steer well clear of enemy occupied woods, buildings and defended obstacles.

Wow, that's quite a lot of bits and pieces to consider about chariots.

In summary, I would recommend the use of chariots against armies with few or no cavalry. If the enemy has artillery then take harpies and engage this first before offering line of sight to your chariots (if it's possible to keep them hidden)

A Summary of your Special Unit Choices and which ones to use against which opposition...

As a very subjective high level summary here's what I thin of the Dark Elves special units and which ones you should choose:-

- generally don't use them in 2000pt + games. Only consider if you think the enemy might be bringing multiple artillery pieces and you need to be in range of them from the outset (I'm particularly thinking of Empire and Dwarf armies)

Witch Elves of Khaine
- only use these if you are taking the Cauldron of Blood and expect your enemy to be the aggressor (eg particularly Beasts of Chaos, Bretonnians, Hordes of Chaos, Orcs & Goblins, Skaven and Vampire Counts)

- multi-purpose and a must for game where you know nothing about your enemy's army (maybe even which race they will field). The can be used for removing skirmishers, war machine crew and for march blocking and holding up enemy flyers.

- consider taking a large unit of these if you're facing a high toughness enemy or well armoured troops (eg. Dwarfs, Orcs, Bretonnians, Hordes of Chaos and Lizardmen)

Cold One Chariot
- providing there is not going to be a lot of terrain on the battlefield. You should definitely always aim to take at least 2 Old One Chariots (as 2 separate units operating together if possible)

Cold One knights
- Reserve their use for games over 2000 pts unless you can afford to take a unit of 10 with hero and fortified with magical equipment. If you take them build your tactics around their use.

Phew, that was a mighty long post to make using a mobile phone !

I hope you enjoyed reading it although I suspect this one might result in a lot of people totally disagreeing with me ! Feel free to comment and say what you think.

Images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Gaming Merchandise

Hi folks, I was thinking of putting some merchandise on my site and wanted to know what you thought.

The above T-shirts and mug are an example. They all have 3xD6 dice on them all showing 6's face up and the logo is "dice master at work".

I like it personally but wonder if anyone else does. I was also thinking of some others like "unbreakable" and "immune to psychology" and stuff like that.

Anyway, if you have any ideas please feel free to post a comment here. Note that, I will not be able to show any Games Workshop copyrighted products (ie all of them) because they expressly forbid it.

Here's a link to the store front I set up:-

Sigmar's Merchandise


Grimgor Ironhide, Gorbad Ironclaw, Azhag the Slaughterer, Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain & Skarsnik Warlord of the Eight Peaks (all so cool !)

Are you preparing to field a 3000 pt plus Orcs & Goblins army with no restrictions on special characters ? If the answer is yes then read on...

Images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.
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Grimgor Ironhide

Well, first of all, if you haven't used Grimgor before then do so now, in your next battle (unless you're sure your enemy has faced him before and beaten him or negated his usefulness).

Grimgor is one of the hardest characters in the Warhammer world and you can see why with 7 str 7 attacks that always strike first, an armour save of 1+ and a ward of 5+ !!!

You don't get much better than that, he is a true dragon slayer of a character - field him.

Now, if you want to field another Lord level special character, here's a quick summary of some selection tips:-

Gorbad Ironclaw

Fielding a mainly Orc army ? expecting to be taking on a lot of cavalry ? Need an inspirational general for masses of rank and file ? Gorbad your man, err... I mean orc.

He rides a boar, always strikes first, and there's no armour saving throw against his attacks which wound. Also, you can forget about black orcs and field loads and loads of Big Uns instead, on foot and/or on boars.

Azhag the Slaughterer

Need to counter a bunch of enemy artillery, want to swoop down on them, terrorise them, make them rout and quickly move onto the next war machine ?

Then field Azhag, he's a fast and hard hitting character ideal for taking out long range enemy weaponry that they think is safely tucked away behind their other forces.

Azhag is also a second level wizard with knowledge of one of the more powerful Lores of magic - Death. This will also come in handy behind enemy lines. Get him up close - fast.

Beware: Azhag is subject to stupidity, he has a leadership of 9 so is unlikely to fall foul of it, but I thought I had better warn you.

Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain

Grom has heeps of character and he's the most colourful of the characters (if you like that sort of thing).

He is also a great way of supporting the gobbo faction in your army if you're fighting Elves because they are immune to their fear if Grom leads your army into the fray (he must be the general).

Best of all however is that Grom has the Killing blow special ability on a 5+ (rather than 6). With 4 attacks he's likely to get a few chances of delivering a killing axe swing (and let me tell you, his axe is extremely big !)

Don't send him into combat alone though, use him to flank the enemy. He will need backup against quality enemy heroes.

Skarsnik Warlord of the Eight Peaks

Skarsnik is probably the most difficult to present a case for inclusion in your army. He does have some sneaky attributes but you have to either get lucky or tie down your own troops a bit to make sure they pay off.The Sneaky Schemes rule means that all enemy units are subject to delayed entry onto the field of battle - each has to roll a D6, a roll of 6 they have to enter the board from the table edge. This could be handy to stop some missile/artillery troops firing early on and to slow your enemy by a few inches but it's not a battle winner. You still have to kill your foe !

The Tricksy Traps which allows night goblins to rally and move straight away is not a significant bonus.

Gobbla the Cave Squig is quite hard with 4 attacks (ws 5, str 6) and the killing blow ability but your opponent will fight back aginst Skarsnik and he is not so hard !

One more significant quality is Skarsnik's prodder but to use it effectively you need massed ranks of goblin and/or orc units withint 12" and it could disrupt your battle plan and reduce your flexibility. You could however have say 4 units within 12" of skarsnik to give him a 24 inch magic blast of pure waaagh worth 5 str 6 hits with no armour save.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend his use for competitive games, only friendlies to try a new character. On the upside he is quite cheap at 205 points.

Images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

PS. Don't forget how hard Grimgor is !!!

see also Games Workshop's Warlords of the Waaagh...

Some of the best Orc and Goblin Special Characters

Chaos Daemons Spearhead Boxed Set Contents (unconfirmed rumour)

According to rumours on warseer (from a regular and reliable poster) here are the contents that will be making up the Chaos Daemon Spearhead boxed set :-

1 Codex/Armybook
10 Bloodletters
10 Daemonettes
5 Fleshhounds
1 Bloodcrusher
1 Beast of nurgle
1 Fiend of slaanesh
1 Epidemius
1 The Masque
1 Skulltaker
1 Keranak
1 Soulgrinder (only in the 40k one)

Nothing has been confirmed yet so take with a large "pinch of salt".

see recent-ish rumours in lower threads. Here are some very unconfirmed rumours...

  • 5+ true ward save if within 12 inches of your General (If out of the 12 inch range it's a 5+ Daemonic Ward Save).
  • Units to drop back down to a LD8
  • New Lore of magic for Slaanesh, Nurgle & Tzeentch
  • Bloodletters with 4T now
  • Flamers with S4 magical bolt, in the last play list.
  • Screamers will get a D3 fly over attack, question is S4 or S5?
  • Look for new units for Slaanesh & Nurgle [Fiends of Slaanesh, Beast of Nurgle & Nurgle Palanquin]
  • Horrors got new bound spells9. Best for last, no more Daemonic Instabiliity at least in the last play tested list.

Some cool free Warhammer Stuff from Black Library - Wallpapers and some decent Comics you can download in pdf fomat. Cheers to Black Library.

Loads of free stuff from Black Library including comics and wallpapers (like the picture here).

Thanks very much Black Library.

Black library Free Stuff - brilliant !

Picture used without permission. Copyright Black library.

Warhammer Battle Royale - Fight 11 online

Green on green action !

Lemmy the Savage Orc Big Boss
Gib Slicer the Gobbo Warboss and Dung Paw his wolf

Click to go to Battle Royale Fight Videos

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming Blog Poll Results (Feb 2008) - including the most popular Warhammer Army

Here are the results of the polls that have been running over the past 3 or 4 weeks. Thanks to everyone for voting. I think it makes for quite interesting reading.

1) which models do you like most ? (select 4)

76 (33%) Wood Elves
61 (26%) Vampire Counts
54 (23%) Orcs & Goblins
52 (23%) Dwarfs
50 (22%) Hordes of Chaos
49 (21%) High Elves
43 (19%) Dark Elves
43 (19%) Tomb Kings
41 (18%) Bretonnia
39 (17%) Lizardmen
32 (14%) Beasts of Chaos
28 (12%) Skaven
27 (11%) The Empire
25 (11%) Daemon Hordes
24 (10%) Ogre Kingdoms
15 (6%) Dogs of War

2) I chose the army(s) to collect mainly because I like the :-

39 (43%) Models
27 (30%) Character of the army
17 (18%) Gaming style
4 (4%) Potential for winning
3 (3%) Army book

3) which Warhammer Army books do you own ?

stat attack : people own almost 5 army books each !

120 (43%) Orcs & Goblins
118 (42%) Hordes of Chaos
111 (40%) Vampire Counts
108 (38%) Dwarfs
105 (37%) High Elves
102 (36%) The Empire
97 (35%) Beasts of Chaos
97 (35%) Wood Elves
94 (33%) Dark Elves
87 (31%) Lizardmen
84 (30%) Bretonnia
84 (30%) Tomb Kings
75 (27%) Skaven
65 (23%) Ogre Kingdoms

4) normally, how long are your 2000pt games ?

70 (67%) 2-4 hours
20 (19%) 4-6 hours
9 (8%) less than 2 hours (!)
5 (4%) 6+ hours

5) How many of your miniatures are painted ?

stat attack: about 1/4 of all armies are almost fully painted !

35 (38%) I paint when I can
22 (23%) Almost all of them !
19 (20%) 50% plus
16 (17%) I like tactics not painting

6) do you play for fun or is it a life or death competition ?

31 (51%) I like to win if I possible
24 (40%) I just play for fun
4 (6%) I never lose !!!
1 (1%) If I lose I melt down my models and buy a new army !

7) are you a Warhammer romantic ? (select as many as you like)

It looks like there are definitely a good few romantics out there !

36 (60%) my army must look good on the battlefield
27 (45%) my best painted model is always my general
23 (38%) I don't field figures I don't like
15 (25%) my army is a killing machine it needs no names, paint or romantics
13 (21%) I name all my figures
5 (8%) I record all my victories for prosterity
4 (6%) I will not play against an unpainted enemy army

Many thanks to all those who contributed,

PS. One for my reference only:-

Do the adverts on this site annoy you ?

12 (31%) I ignore them :)
9 (23%) they add some character
9 (23%) I often look at the eBay ones
2 (5%) no, I don't notice them
6 (15%) yes, a lot !

How to Win a Battle with Dark Elves (Dark Elf Tactica / Tactics)

Dark Elves are allegedly one of the easiest Warhammer armies to beat.

So over the next few days I have decided to turn my attention towards them (as promised).

The Attack Plan

First we will look at all the individual units and special rules to determine the Army's strengths and weaknesses. Next I will come up with some army selection advice and some tactics you can use to turn the tide of Battle in your direction.

A brief overview of Dark Elves

Dark Elves have become the 'I would like to fight them' army. Their army book is somewhat dated now and other races have the edge on them in unit choices and special army rules.

Dark Elves suffer like all Elves from low toughness. Unlike Wood Elves with their exceptional ambush abilities and bowfire and the new High Elves with their Speed of Asuryan (always strike first) Dark Elves do not have any killer special rules to help counter their low toughness weakness.

The only army wide special rule the Dark Elves Army has is their hate (re-roll missed hits in 1st combat round) for High Elves.

Also, the points cost of Dark Elves in a bit unforgiving in some intances. Take for example a comparison with the High Elves Ellyrion Revears and the Dark Riders core unit. Both units share the same profiles and yet Dark Riders cost an additional 1 point despite the Ellyrion Reavers having the always strikes first rule.

I have noticed similar comparisons with other units which I will detail later.

The good news is that a new Dark Elves Army book is scheduled for release in 2008. If you cannot wait and want some tactical help with the current rules then keep checking back over the next couple of weeks in the Dark Elves thread on this forum.

For now, may the Witch King be with you.

Image is © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Warhammer Fantasy Fiction Writing Competition

Warhammer Writing Competition

Competition closed on 15th feb 2008

I'd like to host a continuing Warhammer story line on this site as a regular feature (maybe updated once per quarter).

I'm looking for anyone interested in having their story hosted here (we're getting loads more hits here now and you'll get full credit on this site for your story)

If you're interested please reply to this thread. I'll award a "commission" (ie a guarantee to post your story on my site) to the best reply (please make it a very short extract of 1 or 2 paragraphs). Then you can write at will and I'll post it here as an ongoing story.

Here's an example of what I had in mind:-


Thanks for reading (and writing !),

Warhammer Polls - Army and Hobby faq answered.

The next batch of polls is on it's way.

If you want any questions answered by a poll of my readers please reply here with your poll questions.

The next polls will run for about a month and my current question ideas are:-


1) Which Warhammer Army are you most confident of beating ?
2) Which Warhammer Armies do you least like playing against ?

Army Tactics

3) Roughly what proportion of your points do you spend on spellcasters and their arcane items ?
4) Are your tactics usually aggressive, balanced or defensive ?
5) If you are allowed to do you use special characters: always, usually, not usually, never ?

The Hobby

6) How often do you play ?
7) What size of battleground do you usually play on ?
8) Do you play LOTR or 40k ?

Gaming Morals

8) In the excitement of battle your opponent is about to forget his magic phase altogether !. Do you remind him ?
9) You make a mistake in your favour but your opponent doesn't notice. Do you tell him ?

Games Workshop

10) What would you most like GW to concentrate on next. Eg. Updating army books, introducing new armies, devising new rules, making new models, making new terrain, organising more tournaments or hosting more in store gaming.

Please feel free to comment. The above are just some thoughts which I'm happy to replace with the questions you would like answered.

Warhammer Battle Report Summary : High Elves vs Wood Elves (2000pt Armies) - Part I

This was the second in our clashes of the new High Elves vs Wood Elves.

Background and Army Selection Overview

My opponent 'J' had slaughtered my High Elf army in the last battle winning a resounding massacre of a victory. Partly thanks to his Treeman, Glade Guard and Waywatchers and partly due to my almost total reliance on large rank and file units and the omission of one or more cavalry units from my forces.

I had learnt from this hard lesson and this time around I was out for revenge !

They key errors of the previous game would not be repeated. So to address my prior lack of maveuverability I took a unit of Dragon Princes of Caledor with a Drakemaster and Helm of Fortune (rerollable saves) and a Noble with a Reaver Bow (to target the Treeman and other nasties from afar and to hunt down those pesky archers, skirmishers and scouts.

My opponent brought along a similar force to last time (with a Treeman - again, grrrr...! Two units of Glade Guard, Dryads, Wild Riders, Glade Riders and a single level 1 spell caddy). Also, to my horror he brought 3 Treekin to add a bit more punch to his Teeman's advance (as if he needs any help !?!)

J also fielded an independent Highborn and an Independent Noble - these, I later found out were his mage assassins - he thought I might be going in heavy with magic and he was right because I fielded...

Teclis !

Yep, after a lot of humming and ha-ing I decided to give the new edition 7 Teclis a chance to show his mettle.

Terrain Placement

Somewhat contrary to the usual terrain positioning rules we allow terrain to be placed anywhere within your own half of the tabletop battlefield.

On this occassion we were fighting on a slightly reduced 8' x 4' board (it's usually more like 8' x 5'). This size board still gave us plenty of room for maneuver.

We selected a large even number of terrain pieces, plonked them on the board and began taking it in turns to select them. My enemy of course opted for woods, which he grouped up near the center of the battlefield. I managed to get myself a hill and some hard and soft cover (in the shape of stone walls and wooden fences) and a couple of building for effect :)


It soon became evident what the enemy's plan was as be placed his Treeman and Treekin near the center of his line, closely supported by Dryads and some following wardancers. The glade guard were positioned near the flanks and the characters dotted around the place a bit (mainly around the wood)

My enemy planned to send a hammer blow straight from the woods right through the center of my lines (where Teclis awaiting his doom !)

His archers were going to be used to harry my forces and protect his flanks with Wild riders and glade riders going for my repeater bolt throwers.

Having fewer units than my foe he got to see all my deployment phase first and managed to place his key units just where he wanted them without my getting in the way of his plans too much.

We rolled to start the battle....

The Woodies would be going 1st - bless their cotton socks and arcane bodkin arrows !

This was a fight I had to win having suffered twice at the hands of this enemy recently. While the enemy complained of me littering his glades... Teclis juggled mini fireballs and winked at the Treeman ;-)

The Battle Commences - titanic forces clash and the very ground is riven asunder !

It wasn't quite as dramatic as that but it almost was. The enemy's Highborn Alter sprang from the forest, strung an arrow to his bow and in less than the blink of an eye 10 Lothern Sea Guard - the whole personal body guard of Teclis, lay dead at his feet.

Ouch - what a start !

To be continued....

Warhammer Battle Report Summary : High Elves vs Wood Elves (2000pt Armies) - Part 2

Spurned on my their immediate success the whole Wood Elf Army surged forward through the forests.

There was little else to report from the Wood Elves while they positioned their warriors and archers. Only their Glade Riders on the Wood Elves right flank were of an immediate threat to the High Elven army bolt throwers.

On the opposite flank Teclis summoned the spirit daemons and syphoned the winds of magic into his frail frame. With the slightest hand signal and a barely audible utterance he protected himself and all those around him from more bowfire (he had mastered the Lore of Life for this encounter)

The two other High Elven mages (yes there were 3 in this army !) cowered the glade guard's elven steeds and cursed them with arrow attraction (the unit did not last long now the repeater bolt thrower's attention was turned towards them).

In the centre of the battlefield the high and noble Dragon Princes charged bravely into the three Treekin. It would be a fight that would go down in legend for the heroism of the Drakemaster left to fight alone for 4 combat phases. He was eventually battered to death by 3 Treekin and a Highborn. Hi name lives on in the hallowed halls of the Ulthuan Dragon Princes with great honour he was given the title Bruce 'die very hard' the Black (thanks to his undercoating !)

While the battle raged in the centre ground the Wood Elves maneuvered to corner and destroy Teclis. He was in sight of a free unit of Dryads and a Treeman (but outiside of Strangle Root range).

The Noble Eagle rider flew to cut off the advancing dryads while a small unit of White Lions adopted bodyguard duties and charged the Treeman grimmacing in a tree like way at Teclis.

to be continued...

Warhammer Battle Report Summary : High Elves vs Wood Elves (2000pt Armies) - Part 3

The Wood Elf Glade Guard lay down a withering volley of fire with the accuracy that only an elf can aspire to. Some swordmasters and Phoenix Guard protecting the Repeater 'Eagle Claw' bolthrowers were felled where they stood without having swung a sword or halberd in anger.

In the center of the battleground, the single Dragon Prince Drakemaster fought bravely on without hope and without taking or inflicting any wounds. All four of his compatriots were felled when they charged into the fray. The Dragon Princes had not caused a single wound on the enemy because the Ulthuan god of dice rolling had his attention elsewhere.

The repeating boltthrowers lay down some fire on the Glade Guard but their soft cover position protected them well and only a single Wood Elf was felled.

Teclis directed his attention towards a unit of Dryads lurking on the forest edge. He cast Master of the Woods and the Wood Elves very own trees betrayed their kin and lashed and whipped 2 dryads to death.

It was a round of battle that slightly evened up the tally of dead after the High Elves almost catastrophic start.

to be continued...

Chaos Daemons Rumours (boxed contents) & Hordes of Chaos update (how it works with the new Daemon rules)


The book is out in May 2008, meaning that some stuff goes on sale late in April.

How will this army book interact with the Hordes and Beasts of Chaos army book?
It appears that it is a stand-alone book, similar to how the Daemonic Legion
list was and how the Daemon Codex for 40K has been confirmed to be.

What about the Daemons in the Hordes of Chaos book?
It would appear that these are used as they currently are until the Hordes book is redone in November this year. So for about six months there will be two sets of rules for Bloodletters, Daemonettes, etc.

New models

Daemon Prince??? (box of 1 plastic model?)
Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut? (box of 1 metal mini)
Bloodletters of Khorne (box of 10 plastic minis)
Daemonettes of Slaanesh (box of 10 plastic minis)
Flesh Hounds of Khorne? (box of 5 metal minis?)
Fiends of Slaanesh? (box of 5 metal minis)
Beast of Nurgle (box of 1 metal mini?)
Horror command group (box of 3 metal minis)
Plaguebearer command group (box of 3 metal minis)

Daemon Spearhead box (32 minis)
-10 Bloodletters
-10 Daemonettes

Thanks to Jared Van Kell @ librarium-online. For compiling all these form various sources.

Games Workshop New Releases for 2008 Warhammer Fantasy and 40k "planned" (strong rumours - to be confirmed)

This is a list of the planned releases for this year. This info has been gleaned from several sources and was taken from librarium-online (Jared Van Kell)

March - Vampire counts will be getting an entirely new range of models including a large number of plastic models.

June - Mordor book for Lord of the Rings. New releases include a new plastic troll, Morgul Knights, Black Numenoreans and possibly a new orc sprue to replace the current one.

July - New 40K rule book. There has been some hot debated about this topic with the rules

July/August - Chapter approved article for Hordes of Chaos. This should include several points revisions and give an indication for the points costs in the new book later on this year.

August - Dark Elves army book. Several rumours regarding this include Witch Elves never loosing their frenzy. The army will get hatred against all enemies and Eternal Hatred against High Elves.

September - New Battle for Macragge boxed set. Basically pretty much th e same as it is now except it will take into account the new rules.

October - New Space Marines Codex. This will bring the points cost in the Spacemarine codex in line with the Dark Angels and the Blood Angels.

November - Hordes of Chaos army book. Expect plastic chaos knights, a new chaos warrior sprue with all the weapons options, a plastic chaos chariot and some plastic character sets.

December- Planetstrike rule book released. This is not confirmed yet but it fits in with what I have been hearing.

A busy year for fantasy battle with vampire counts, Daemons of Chaos, Hordes of Chaos and Dark Elves all getting a revision. For 40K - new rules and the new spacemarine codex !

Many thanks to Jared Van Kell (librarium-online) who fleshed out the details from other sites.

Teclis Rules and Tactics "To Teclis or not to Teclis ? That is the question" (High Elves Army Selection Tactics - an update on thinking)

If you're fielding a High Elf Army and playing a 'friendly' game or a Warhammer tournament that permits special characters you have a tough choice ahead of you if it's a 2000 pt game.

Do you invest almost 25% of your points in one of the greatest mages the world has ever seen ? Let's face it, if he dies it will most probably be curtains for your army. Indeed, if Teclis even enters combat he will probably die.

So, why is this a toughie of a decision ? Well, even though Teclis seems to have 'aged' somewhat in 2007 version of the High Elves army, he remains a top quality character capable of turning a battle.

(note: see my previous post about Teclis in the High Elf thread to see how he's changed).

What makes Teclis so good is the combined magical attributes of items in his footlocker. These provide him with 'almost' cumulative benefits that empower his spellcasting making make him more effective than almost any other mage.

Being able to cast all 6 spells of any lore is a big bonus for your tactical plans. Couple this with +D3 power power/dispel dice and ignoring the first miscast of a turn and you have a reliable, flexible and powerful spellcaster. If you give your army the banner of sorcery then Teclis will, on average, have access to 10 power dice each turn (that's around 4 spells cast with irresistable force !). He will probably be miscating about once every 6 spells (so 5 should be successful as a rough guide)

So those are the pros of taking Teclis, there are sadly a number of cons.

First and foremost is the cost of Teclis. To be worth taking to any battle there are a few things to consider:-

1) Survival - Teclis Must Live !

Teclis really must finish the battle in one piece with at least 2 of his wounds remaining (to ensure you do not surrender any victory points to your enemy).

If he dies the enemy gets 475 pts plus 100 pts because Teclis will be your general in a 2000 pt game.

To ensure this you will need to protect Teclis well. He should be accompanied by a unit capable of providing him with protection from missile fire for the whole duration of a battle, so we could be talking about a unit of 20 or maybe more depending on which enemy you are facing.

This is a 'hidden' points cost to some extent. It ties down at least one unit and makes others respond less freely while they consider the vulnerability of Teclis in their plans.

2) Teclis Must Inflict Woe and Save Souls

To justify his points cost Teclis needs to inflict significant damage on your enemy and/or save your troops from dying/routing and, once more (with emphasis), he must not die !

3) Teclis - Counting the 'Opportunity Cost !'

A phrase that accountants tend to use about what you have to forego in order to have something else.

Teclis has a very high opportunity cost. Let's face it, you could have a full on combat unit (30 white lions with command !) or a
basic Lord on a Moon Dragon or a souped up (100 pt magic items) Lord on a Sun Dragon.

This last point is probably the most difficult to argue against. Teclis will not win you a battle single handedly whereas a Lord on a dragon actually might do !


I think Teclics is a must include character in any game of 3000 pts or more. In a 2000 pt game I am now very undecided. As always it all depends on which enemy you are facing.

If your enemy expects to see Teclis on the battlefield - don't take him. They will come up with ways of protecting themselves from his powers.

Also, if facing certain armies with sharpshooter type of abilities like Empire Hochland marksmen, be very wary of using Teclis. Or against very fast moving enemies because you need to keep the enemy at a distance from Teclis (preferably 12 inches or the enemy's charge range - whichever is the greater)

I actually fielded Teclis in my last encounter with a 2000 pts Wood Elf Army. I will be telling you about that experience in my next post.

It's late now and time for me to bid you farewell until the next post from my Ulthuan Daily Chronicle.

Image is © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Chaos Daemons Army Book Rules - April / May 2008 - rumour

More rumours - these look fairly authentic (as at 9th Feb 2008)

Chaos Daemons Army book

Amy special rules:

- Instability is altered somewhat, now there is no special effect of rolling above your basic Leadership, so you just take a modified break test and lose a number of wounds equal to the amount you failed the roll by.
- Supposedly, units within 12" of the army general may take their Daemonic Ward save against any kind of attacks, not just non-magical ones. Units more than 12" away from the general follow the current rules for Daemonic auras.


Lores of Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch

- different from the ones in the other two chaos books

Daemon Lore of Tzeentch
- Supposedly only 6 spells
#1: Red fire, D6+1 hits, D6+1 Strength, 24" range OR D6 hits, D6 Strength, 18" range (sources do not agree)
#2: Adds d3+1 Power dice to own side's dice pool
#3: Gleam Magic, cast any enemy spell (other than one that creates new models, such as certain Undead spells) as a Bound spell with a power level equal to its basic casting level
#4: 2D6 hits, D6+1 Strength, 30" range
#5: Unknown
#6: One Strength 5 hit per model in unit - creates horrors

Daemon Lore of Slaanesh
#1: Enemy unit must test for Stupidity each turn for the rest of the game


- Greater daemons are supposedly more modifiable than currently, more resembling how they were in 5th edition.

Changer of Ways, Greater Daemon of Tzeentch
- Level 4 wizard

Keeper of Secrets, Greater Daemon of Slaanesh
- Level 2 wizard, may be upgraded to level 4

Great Unclean One, Greater Daemon of Nurgle
- Level 2 wizard, may be upgraded to level 4

Daemon Prince
- Possible new plastic set

- If the Fantasy list matches the 40K lists, then chariots are only available as a mount for Heralds, though this is speculation only
- Supposedly there will be no Undivided Heralds
- It is possible that there will be no "generic" Herald models and that people will be expected to use or convert the special character ones (see below) instead. Or it might be that there will be a plastic Heral set at some point

Herald of Nurgle
- May ride a Palanquin of Nurgle

Herald of Khorne
- May ride a Juggernaut of Khorne

Herald of Slaanesh
- May ride a Steed of Slaanesh

Herald of Tzeentch
- May ride a Disk of Tzeentch

- The Leadership of the Core daemons are supposedly the same as in the Hordes of Chaos book (in the Daemonic Legions list it is higher)

Bloodletters of Khorne
- New plastic models
- Toughness increase

Daemonettes of Slaanesh
- New plastic models

Plaguebearers of Nurgle
- New metal command models, possibly a plastic set at some later date

Horrors of Tzeentch
- New metal command models, possibly a plastic set at some later date
- Different bound spells than in the Hordes of Chaos list

Chaos Furies
- No news

- No news


Flesh Hounds of Khorne
- May be upgraded to have Magic Resistance 3, Killing Blow or the ability to ignore terrain penalties
- New models?

Screamers of Tzeentch
- Strength and Toughness reduced
- Strength of slashing attacks up to 5, may make slashing attacks to all units they move over, not just one
- Slightly cheaper

Flamers of Tzeentch
- If the Fantasy list resembles the 40K one, these will be a separate unit

Seekers of Slaanesh
- Equivalent to mounted Daemonettes (i.e. the ones on cavalry bases), NOT the daemonettes on Steeds of Slaanesh from the Storm of Chaos list


Bloodcrushers of Khorne (Bloodletters riding Juggernauts)
- New metal models
- Improved armour save
- Frenzied (1 base A from rider, 2 from steed, so 5 attacks in total while Frenzied)

Plagueriders of Nurgle (Plaguebearers on Beasts of Nurgle)
- New metal models
- Separate stats for rider and mount, more similar to standard cavalry
- Other rumours say that the models don't have riders
- Beasts have D3+2 poisoned attacks

Fiends of Slaanesh?
- New models?

Daemonic chariots???

Special characters
- There are supposedly twelve of them (unknown if the Horror group is counted as 1 or 3...)
- Note that the special characters are the same in both the 40K and the Fantasy lists, though naturally their stats and exact abilities may differ somewhat.

Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch (Greater Daemon of Tzeentch)
- Model has two heads
- Knows all Tzeentch spells and each head also knows 4 spells from any of the lores (in the rulebook?)
- 40K version has only one(!) wound, but doubtless some special rule to make up for it

Name not known (Greater Daemon of Nurgle)

U'zuhl (Greater Daemon of Chaos Undivided)?
- The guy who ended up in Archaon's sword...

Tallyman Epidemius (Herald of Nurgle)
- Mounted on a Palanquin of Nurgle

The Masque (Herald of Slaanesh)
- Kicked out of Slaanesh's entourage for being able to out-dance his (her? its?) god
- Has a special rule in 40K called the Eternal Dance
- 3 human arms and a big claw arm. Wields a staff with a mask at either end and changes it's personality depending on who it chooses to be.

Skulltaker? (Herald of Khorne)
- Angry, Bloodletter-style model

Name not known (Herald of Tzeentch)

Name not known (Horror command group)
- Gives a boost to the unit they lead

Name not known (Flesh Hound leader)
- Multple heads

Stuff removed from the list
- Exalted Daemons (use as Daemon Prince)
- Pleasureseekers of Slaanesh (use as Fiends or Seekers, possibly counting each model as two, or as Heralds)

Many thanks to Warseer and contributors

Games Workshop Army Book / Codex / 40k Rulebook / LoTR Release Schedule - rumour

The below months are being widely reported now around the internet as the latest release schedule dates - I cannot determine the original source and therefore cannot vouch for the accuracy.

Please Check my GW News thread for more a few more details. Or my Vampire Counts and Daemon Hordes threads for race specific info.

March - Vampire Counts
April - Birthday releases
May - Daemons
June - Mordor
July - 5th Edition rulebook
August -Dark Elves
September - 5th Edition Box set
October - Space Marines
November - Mortal Chaos

Some more Vampire Counts pictures - box covers

Vampire Counts Boxed Set Pictures - poor picture quality but they're looking good anyway...

Blood Knights


Dire Wolves

Corpse Cart - looks fantastic !

Crypt Ghouls - more great figures

Grave Guard - my favourite

I can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Elves 2008 Army Book Rumour

Folks, this one is a very unsubstantiated rumour and I am searching for more info which I'll pass on when I can but here goes...

Dark Elves army book has been pencilled in for an August release.

Excited ? I am ! I thought it was going to be much later in the year but it's possible this is true given the speed at which the Chaos Demons book is following the Vampire counts one.

Fingers crossed and watch this space.

Warhammer Battle Royale Video Fight 10 - online now !

Charlie Brunsen (Human Empire General) takes on
XL Xhittz (the Saurus Scar Veteran) in fight 10.

click to enlarge photo in new window

eBay (UK) Warhammer Armies Index page

Warhammer Army Index

note: there are about 120 eBay adverts, it takes about 15 seconds to load on my 2 meg connection.

all Warhammer auctions (ending soonest)

Use these links to jump quickly to the Army you're interested in.
(note: the page needs a few seconds to load before the links will work)

Beasts of Chaos (see Chaos)
Dark Elves
High Elves
Hordes of Chaos (see Chaos)
Ogre Kingdoms *
Orcs and Goblins
Tomb Kings *
Vampire Counts *
Wood Elves
Other "uncategorised" Warhammer related

* no items in category - use a search box below

happy eBaying :)

You can use the search box above the adverts to enter more specific searches. If for example no adverts are shown for Tomb Kings try searching on more specific units like Ushabti or Tomb Guard. Also, I have noticed that people do not always use the specific category, lots of Hordes and Beasts of Chaos are often just advertised under "Chaos"

Warhammer Fantasy - the battle for a balanced system

Looking for a fair fight ?

I have been following WFB for many years, since the very beginning in fact.

In the early days army selection was a bit like tax avoidance - there were plenty of loopholes to be found in the rules (due partly to their complexity and paradoxically, their flexibility).

The army lists were very 'free form' as well, in fact I seem to recall that you simply had to select from the same alignment, ie good, lawful, neutral, evil (I no longer have the original rules but it was something as simple or nearly as simple as that)

It was like discovering a new country, plenty of options and not much to stop you from doing what you wanted. You could unearth little 'hidden rule' gems in the course of a 10 minute toilet trip.

In the very early days I recall a friend fielding a magic carpet (yes there were rules for it) which was crewed by snotlings bearing crossbows with poisoned bolts ! I can't recall if the rules were really being broken here or not but in the pioneering spirit of the times we let him use his snotlings provided they removed their heavy armour ! (I guess it was one of those strange, "you had to be there to understand the circumstances", decisions)

Now, this did seem mighty cool at the time. 50% of the fun however came during army selection and the remaining 50% when you got to reveal your nasty little suprises to the enemy.

In those days Warhammer was more about the social beers and having a darned good laugh at your opponent's expense when a standstill spell stopped his super unit permanently in it's tracks (at which point it was 'off to the pub')

The fantasy world was rich and full of never before seen suprises.

There was one problem for the 'more serious' gamer though (actually, noone could have been less serious than we were). For the person who wanted to field their wits in battle rather than a rule dodging army list testing the spirit of the game to breaking point...

... There were no meaningful battlefield tactics !

Yep, it was wild west time. What's the point in planning Custer's victory when the Red Indians have an F15 Strike Eagle with nuclear warheads ! (ie either an elemental or a greater demon)

Warhammer has truly evolved. It has become a civilisation with tried and tested laws based on reasonableness. It has become a place where you victories are meaningful and can be compared with other commanders irrespective of who they were playing or what army they fielded.

It's a bit like the A1 Grand Prix, everyone now has a car with the same engine, wheels and chasis. The cars are still different colours but whether you win or not really comes down to your skill as a driver, your racing tactics and the risks you take on the track.

There's not much point scouring the army lists and rulebooks these days for sneaky loopholes - they don't exist anymore. Your success no longer comes down to your army selection alone, flexible battlefield tactics and quick thinking are now key to victory.

In short Warhammer has finally arrived as a balanced and fair tactical wargame.

The playing field has been levelled for all. Long may it remain flat !

NEW : eBay (UK) Warhammer Model Auctions thread

Hi folks,

To make it easier to check UK eBay auctions for all things Warhammer I have added a thread which just searches (at the top of my contents page, or click the link below)

eBay (UK) - good Warhammer Auctions

It's mainly for my UK readers who would rather look at UK prices and also the shipping costs are probably lower than the US equivalent for people in the UK and Europe.

There's an index post at the top of the thread for easy navigation and a link under each eBay army to get you back to the index.

It might take a few seconds to load, although it should load from top to bottom so you can start perusing the auctions straight away.

All the best,
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